Battlestar Galactica Slash Fiction

All stories are Starbuck/Apollo unless otherwise noted.

Leave It To Boxey Boxey helps Starbuck and Apollo get together.

Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You During a dangerous mission, Starbuck and Apollo come to a decision.

The Best Man Missing scene from the episode "Lost Planet of the Gods." What happens between Apollo and Starbuck after Serena's death.

The Lovers' Festival (Also known as "My Funny Valentine") Starbuck wants to celebrate a lovers' holiday with Apollo, but Apollo misunderstands his intentions.

Followup to "The Living Legend" What I like to think happened between Apollo and Starbuck after the episode "The Living Legend."

All That Matters Apollo denies his love for Starbuck, but reconsiders.

What's Going On? Why is Apollo pushing Starbuck away?

Memories Apollo and Starbuck attend a memorial for all those lost in the destruction of the Colonies.

Talking to the Angels What happened after Apollo died and came back to life in "War of the Gods."

The Great Pretender Starbuck and Apollo have to pretend to be lovers to carry out a mission for Adama.

The Angels Won't Have It Some angels intervene to get Starbuck and Apollo back together after they break up.

No Regrets Apollo confronts Starbuck after Starbuck risks his life for him.

The Tease Starbuck teases Apollo into paying attention to him.

A Hair Raising Tale Apollo notices something different about Starbuck.

Evil Sheba Sheba comes between Starbuck and Apollo.

Apollo's Virtue WARNING: Intentionally BAD fanfiction!

Alone Apollo tries to get Starbuck alone, but doesn't have much success.


The Wish Series

Death Wish Boomer and Starbuck are afraid that Apollo has a death wish.

Life Wish Sequel to Death Wish. Apollo comes out to his family.

Marriage Wish Sequel to Life Wish. Apollo and Starbuck are sealed.


Blackmail What if Apollo had really wanted to marry Starbuck (in the episode "Lost Planet of the Gods") but got blackmailed into marrying Serena instead?

The Curse Apollo thinks that he is doomed to lose everyone he loves. Starbuck proves him wrong.

In Your Eyes Starbuck is blinded in an accident. Apollo takes care of him.

Innocent Someone from Starbuck's past is murdered, and Starbuck is accused of the crime.

Adama Knows Adama finds out about Starbuck and Apollo's relationship, and forces Apollo to break up with Starbuck.

Coming Back Starbuck and Apollo try to blow up a Cylon munitions depot, and Starbuck is caught in the explosion.

Over The Rainbow Apollo discovers gold at the end of a rainbow.

Pot of Gold Sequel to Over the Rainbow What happens after Apollo kisses Starbuck at the end of the rainbow.

Saying the Words Starbuck and Apollo finally say the important words.

The Proposals Apollo tries to propose to Starbuck, and a few other couples consider taking a similar step.

42 Starbuck and Apollo discuss some futuristic ideas that Starbuck read in a book. (Tribute to the late Douglas Adams).

Hostages Apollo, Sheba, Starbuck and Cassiopia are held hostage by some escaped prisoners.

Bucko's in Love Starbuck is in love, but Apollo and Boomer can't figure out with whom.

I Will Find You Starbuck is missing. Will Apollo find him in time?

Love Apollo shows Starbuck what it means to be loved.

I Am By Your Side Starbuck and Apollo are not getting along. Adama takes some drastic measures to change that situation.

Friends and Lovers Starbuck finds a creative solution to Apollo's boredom.

Birthday Chameleon returns with a revelation about Starbuck.

Contemplation Apollo discovers some things about Starbuck, and realizes he's misjudged him.

Orphans Apollo realizes that Starbuck's being an orphan has affected him more than he thought.

The Scandal An announcement from Commander Adama causes a scandal. Apollo and Starbuck deal with the fallout.

Happy Novayahren Day Starbuck and Apollo have special plans for each other's birthday.

Tell Me Why A depressed Starbuck wants to know why Apollo loves him.

After the Fire Starbuck and Apollo deal with the aftermath of the fire on the Galactica. Written in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Things Change Starbuck is missing after an ttack on the Galactica.

Misery Apollo is miserable.

Jealous Apollo is jealous of Starbuck and Cassie;Starbuck is jealous of Apollo and Sheba.

Ecstasy WARNING: Explicit sexual content. Apollo and Starbuck have some fun in the locker room. Then reality intrudes.

Read 'Em and Weep Unsaid words come between Starbuck and Apollo.

His Father's Son A visit with Chameleon brings Starbuck some revelations.

Missing scenes from Murder on the Rising Star Takes place after Apollo convinces Starbuck not to leave the Galactica before his trial.

Love and Longing Warning: Explicit sex. Starbuck and Apollo comfort each other after a battle, but is that all it is?

Missing Scenes from "Greetings From Earth" The real reason Apollo couldn't stay with Sarah on Paradeen, and what happened when he found Starbuck in the tunnels.

Day of the Dead An unexpected visitor has a message for Apollo and Starbuck.

In My Dreams Bad dreams are keeping Apollo and Starbuck awake.

Dreams Into Reality Sequel to In My Dreams Now that they're a couple, Starbuck and Apollo have to adjust to the reality of their relationship, including some irrational jealousy from Apollo.

A Mother's Love When Apollo is missing after a Cylon attack, Starbuck gets some help finding him from an unexpected source.

The Winner Takes It All Starbuck's thoughts on losing Apollo first to Serena then to Sheba, framed by the song in the title.

I Will Still Love You Starbuck has been unfaithful to Apollo. Why does Apollo keep taking him back?

Midnight Blue Apollo tries to comfort Starbuck after his wingmate is rejected by a date, but finds himself distracted by Starbuck's midnight blue clothing. WARNING: Explicit male/male sex.

All That I Need Apollo and Starbuck find comfort with each other on the anniversary of the Destruction, but Apollo has regrets the next day. WARNING: Explicit sex.

Calypso Starbuck adopts a kitten and it brings changes to his relationship with Apollo.

Flaunting It Starbuck has a couple of new friends that Apollo doesn't approve of.

Starting Over Just after Starbuck and Apollo declare their love for each other, Starbuck is seriously injured in battle.

True Love Apollo realizes that Starbuck loves him, then he realizes he loves Starbuck. Now he has to figure out what to do about it.

Could Have Apollo confronts Starbuck over something that "could have" happened.

Truly Apollo and Starbuck truly love each other.

Who I Am Does anyone really know Apollo?

You Were Perfectly Fine Inspired by the Dorothy Parker story of the same name. The morning after a party, Starbuck can't remember his actions, so Apollo fills in the blanks.

Change Some things change, but some things will never change.

My Best Friend Apollo asks Starbuck to marry him, but Starbuck refuses. Will Starbuck reconsider?

Blue Moon Starbuck and Apollo crash land on a planet of androgynous people. A "blue moon" has an effect on their relationship.

The One You're With As the song says, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with. But how long will Apollo and Starbuck be satisfied with the ones they're with?

Darius Apollo discovers a long-lost relative on one of the refugee ships. Unfortunately for Apollo, Starbuck discovers him, too.

Always Starbuck and Apollo have a fight, and before Starbuck can apologize to his wingmate, Apollo goes missing. Will Starbuck find him, and what will happen when he does?

The Return of Iblis Iblis' return puts Starbuck and Apollo in danger.

Friends After Apollo has a close call in battle, Starbuck has something to say to him.

The Return Lucifer the Cylon tells Starbuck, Apollo and Adama that Zac is still alive and is being held captive by the Cylons. Apollo and Starbuck launch a mission to rescue him.

The Return, Part 2 Zac deals with his return to the Galactica, and Starbuck and Apollo work on their new relationship.

The Real Starbuck Starbuck decides to change so that Apollo will love him. Apollo wishes that the real Starbuck would come back.

The Stalker Someone is stalking Starbuck.

The Lost Warrior Followup to the "Galactica 1980" episode "The Return of Starbuck." Starbuck has been stranded on a deserted planet for a yahren. Everyone on the Galactica has given up hope. Then they get a surprise.

Too Late When Apollo announces his engagement, Starbuck disappears. Realizing why Starbuck has left, Boomer and Apollo go after him. Can they convince him to come back with them before he does something they'll all regret?

Memory When Apollo hits his head during a Triad game, he forgets the last two yahrens, which include his relationship with Starbuck.

Save the Last Dance For Me When Apollo is gay-bashed, he, Starbuck and his family have to deal with the aftermath.

Afterlife (NC-17) After Starbuck is killed in a Cylon attack, Apollo is captured by Baltar and faced with execution. Then he gets a visitor...

Holiday Apollo goes on a holiday with Sheba. But he misses Starbuck.

Shore Leave Starbuck takes shore leave time to think about his relationship with Apollo. Then the moon where he is taking his leave is attacked by Cylons.

Miracle of Light Apollo asks Starbuck to spend the upcoming holiday season with him.

The Difference Apollo doesn't realize that Starbuck's experiences growing up were different than his own, which causes tension between the two of them.

Belonging. When Starbuck and Apollo go on a trade mission, they find that the ruler of the planet is attracted to Starbuck.

The Challenge Cassiopeia challenges Starbuck to be more open about his feelings for her and for Apollo.

Chances Apollo thinks that Starbuck takes too many chances.

Save All Your Kisses For Me Apollo tries to figure out what Starbuck's kisses mean.

The Connection Starbuck and Apollo have an intimate moment while under attack from the Cylons. Afterwards, Apollo denies having felt any kind of "connection" with Starbuck, who goes looking for that connection somewhere else.

Visitors From Afar Crossover with Stargate SG-1. Starbuck and Apollo encounter the SG-1 team on a remote planetoid and have to help them return to Earth. Work in Progress; Unfinished.

Grownups When Starbuck begins babysitting Boxey for Apollo, the two warriors start thinking of each other and Boxey as a family. But what about Apollo and Sheba?

Childhood Illness Starbuck helps Apollo care for a sick Boxey.