Amnesia When Hutch gets amnesia, Starsky has to come to terms with the possibility that Hutch may not get his memory back.

The Green Eyed Monster Hutch gets jealous when Starsky is temporarily partnered with Detective Joan Meredith.

Brothers Starsky's brother Nick discovers something about Starsky and Hutch's relationship

Peace A scene in the hospital while Starsky recovers from being shot (in the episode "Sweet Revenge").

Cruel Hutch is afraid of his feelings for Starsky, and pushes him away.

Memories Starsky and Hutch remember old loves, and discover a new love.

I Saw Starsky Kissing Santa Claus Santa Claus helps Starsky and Hutch get what they want for Christmas.

Something To Talk About Starsky and Hutch give their friends and co-workers something to talk about.

Without You When Hutch is shot during a kidnapping investigation, Starsky realises he has to tell his partner how he feels about him.

Fixes Starsky and Hutch remember Hutch's battle with heroin addiction.

The Way Old Friends Do Hutch uses a song to tell Starsky of his feelings.

When All Is Said And Done Sequel to The Way Old Friends Do. Starsky goes back to work, and he and Hutch deal with reminders of his shooting.

Betrayal Missing scene from "Starsky vs. Hutch." The guys talk about what happened with Kira and what they're going to do about it.