The nurse was doing her usual rounds when she stopped at a particular room. It belonged to Detective Starsky. He'd had a remarkable recovery from some terrible gunshot wounds, and lately he'd been quite restless and impatient to leave the hospital. This restlessness had been causing a fair bit of trouble for the nursing staff.

Take this evening, for instance. Three of Starsky's friends had thrown him a party in his room, bringing in expensive food and wine. Then one of them had accidentally set off the fire sprinkler, causing one hell of a mess for hospital staff to clean up. Still, everything seemed quiet now.

She opened the door and looked in. There, to her surprise, she discovered two men in the bed instead of just one. The other man was Detective Starsky's partner. He'd been around almost constantly since Starsky was admitted. Now he was lying, fully clothed, in his partner's hospital bed, his head on Starsky's shoulder, one arm wrapped possessively around him.

The nurse was about to wake him and tell him he couldn't stay, but she hesitated for a moment. They looked so peaceful. After all that they'd been through in the last little while, they both deserved some peace.

She turned out the light, shut the door, and walked away.