White Collar

Carrying (Neal/Peter, PG) Peter wants to know why Neal dislikes guns so much. He finds out on Christmas night.

Love in an Elevator (Neal/Peter, PG) On their first date, Neal and Peter get stuck in an elevator.

Hugs and Kisses (Neal/Peter, NC-17) An innocent question from Neal regarding hugs and kisses leads to a not-so-innocent encounter.

Mouth to Mouth (Neal/Peter, PG-13) A slightly different ending to "Hard Sell," in which Peter performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Neal in the vault, and what happens afterwards.

As You Wish (Neal/Peter, PG-13) Neal has been saying that he trusts Peter, but Peter isn't sure what Neal is trying to tell him. Elizabeth helps him figure it out. Then Kate shows up.

Aftermath (Neal/Peter, PG-13) Neal is shaken up after being held at gunpoint in the episode "Home Invasion," and he turns to Peter for comfort.

About a Hat (Neal/Peter) (PG-13) Neal decides that Peter should wear a hat once in a while. Peter disagrees.

Waiting (Neal/Peter) (PG-13) After the events of "Point Blank," Peter and Neal wait for news about Mozzie, while Peter argues with the little voice inside his head.

Pride (Neal/Peter; Neal/Peter/Elizabeth) (PG-13) Neal and Peter go to Gay Pride in New York