John Munch was seething. The only thing that kept him from physically attacking Detective Stu Gharty was the fact that his partner, Tim Bayliss' arms were around him, restraining him.

The dispute between Munch and Gharty had been simmering for some time, ever since Munch had learned of Gharty's time in Vietnam. John didn't want to have anything to do with anyone who had been involved in that war. He certainly didn't want to hear Gharty bragging about it, being completely okay with having been there, not apologetic in the least. Gharty had made veiled threats against John, not to his face but to Bayliss, which pissed him off even more.

Gharty tried to move forward, but Ballard and Falsone restrained him. He bumped into Billie Lou, causing her to fall and land hard on one hand. She cried out in pain, which made John even more angry. Feeling Tim's grip loosen slightly, he moved toward her. She pushed him back and went to get some ice from behind the bar. Glaring at John and Stu, she said in icy tones, "I don't want to have anything to do with either one of you. Ever again!" And with her hand wrapped in ice, she stormed out of the Waterfront.

Munch tried to follow her but Tim was still holding on to him. "I'm all right now," he said to his partner. "You don't need to keep hanging on to me."

"You sure?" Bayliss asked softly.

John turned in his partner's arms until he was facing him. "Where's the trust, Tim?" he wanted to know.

"Right here, John," was the almost inaudible reply as Tim's mouth descended on his. The first kiss was gentle, tentative, then became more aggressive as Tim felt his partner responding. Ballard, Gharty and Falsone stared at the two of them in stunned silence for a few moments before Laura spoke.

"Come on guys," she said, gathering up her things. "Let's leave the two of them alone." The other detectives followed her wordlessly.

As Falsone, Ballard and Gharty left, Meldrick Lewis entered the bar. "Yo, Munchkin! Timmy! Who's going to close tonight? Oh," he added as he saw what his two business partners were doing. "Never mind." Meldrick forgot what he had been about to say. He left the Waterfront, turning the sign around to say "Closed" as he did so.

Munch and Bayliss ignored him.