Hawaii Five-O (2010) Fanfiction

All of these stories are Steve/Danny slash and none are rated higher than PG unless otherwise noted in the summary.

So Far Away From Me (Steve/Danny) (PG) Danny has to go back to New Jersey to deal with a family emergency. While he's gone, he and Steve exchange emails and gradually realize that their relationship is changing into something that's more than just a friendship or a partnership.

Aloha au ia'oe (Steve/Danny, PG) Sequel to So Far Away from Me. Steve and Danny go on a date and look after Grace. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Kono find out about Steve and Danny's relationship.

Happy Endings After the events of the episode Ho'apono, Steve introduces Danny to Ed, who has some interesting ideas about Danny and Steve's relationship.

How Lucky Can One Guy Be? (Steve/Danny, PG) Danny has always thought that Steve has more luck than most men put together. But then one day it looks like Steve's luck has run out.

I Know you Steve's thoughts during the episode Mana'o, after Danny walks out after arguing with Steve about Meka.

Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) On Christmas night, after the episode Hana'a'a Makehewa, Steve and Danny have a talk.

Under the Mistletoe Steve, Danny, and some mistletoe add up to a merry Christmas for Five-0.

To Tell the Truth The Governor asks Steve to take on an undercover assignment that requires him to pretend he doesn't want to be part of Five-0 anymore. Danny is not okay with this situation and tries to find out the truth behind Steve's actions.

The Reason (Steve/Danny) (Danny/Original female character) (Rated R for strong language, suggestion of sex, and violence) Not long before his first anniversary with Steve, Danny sees Steve and Catherine together, jumps to the completely wrong conclusion and winds up picking up a girl in a bar. Steve finds out and is not happy. Then there's a bank robbery, and Danny gets shot.

Secret Admirer In the days leading up to Valentine's Day, Steve starts receiving gifts from a secret admirer.

Undercover Lovers (Steve/Danny, Rated R) While trying to find the source of some contaminated club drugs that are killing young gay men, Steve and Danny pretend to be lovers.